All things necessary to keep the chimney intact

If you are living in an old house in need of repair, and do not know where to start, then maybe you want to read the next few lines. As the birds do, time flies, and before you know it, winter has arrived and you might still be missing your old warm fire, all because that old chimney stack and its inner linings remain in disrepair. It need not be and you can start ticking off the list of all the necessary things that will be needed to keep your old chimney intact. Let us start with chimney relining. A first inspection by a modern day chimney sweeper, fully equipped with his video camera, may reveal that your chimney’s inner lining may need to be repaired.

This allows you to control the flames of your new fires and prevent any fumes from escaping. Prior to the relining exercise, your chimney inspector may have seen a need for good old fashioned masonry touch-ups. Because of neglect and the passing seasons, damage may have been done already. Even if there are just little chips and peelings inside and outside, these need to be attended to to prevent the cracks from widening if you will. Part of a future maintenance plan will require the use of caps and dampers.

It is that simple, like wearing your favorite woolen cap to shield your head from the winter cold, your chimney will need protecting when not in use and, just like you, it will be wearing a cap. All it does is close off your chimney from the outside. Nothing, not dust or branches, nor even birds, will be able to penetrate your old chimney. And when the cap needs to be removed just leave it up to your twenty first century chimney sweep.