Who uses this toaster?

This is not your usual kitchen toaster, not even if it happens to be one of those start of the art digitized pop-up numbers that every modern domestic must have in his or her streamlined kitchen entourage, newly retrofitted as material progress allows for such luxuries. But then again, depending what it is used for, this toaster may as well be digitally optimized. No, this toaster is not destined for a stylish suburban or urban city kitchen.

And then again, this toaster will be found down below on a busy corner sidewalk, well not quite, down below. It will be in the proud possession of any ambitious café or bistro owner who serves his bread rolls baguettes crisp, just the way his regular clientele prefer and just the way it should be served in accordance with the French textbook tradition. No confectionary artist with a quaint row of neatly arranged tables and chairs for seating purposes will be without it either.

How else is he going to replicate the organic countryside with his blueberries that must be placed just so in his muffins and cakes? A steak ranch proprietor must always be prepared for the rush hour traffic. Only his holman toaster and grill can save the afternoon as he rushes off to prepare the ruffled garnish that must accompany the medium rare piece of steak that will be fitted to the buttered home-baked bread that was just warmed.

Even the takeout owner who wishes to innovate with his own burger and dog creations should have this industrious toaster handy at all times. It adds the necessary spark or warmth as the occasion calls for. No, not for a homeward bound kitchen is this toaster going to sit about in.